Hello there!

I know there are a couple of things that you may or may not be thinking, such as-

Didn't you try this once before, no wait, twice before, going from a once avid blogger to no blogger at all? Yes. Yes this is entirely true. However, i have recently turned into a we. Which means there is double the chance of all things interesting and exciting around here. And double the chance that someone besides our moms and my grandma want in on it. 

You see, this may very well be the most un-exciting “married” blog you’ve ever happened upon, but on the other hand, it might not. We really can’t make any promises. But what we can promise is this:

We promise to document the most exciting (and maybe a lot of those less exciting but exaggeratedly great) adventures in our lives so as not to bore our future children as well as any and all readers.

Lindsey promises not to have an overly compulsive photographic hand which is activated when in the presence of food.

Alex promises that at least one of us will own an iPhone for the entirety of our lives, if not longer.

And finally, we promise that this is going to be fun. Or at least mildly entertaining.

Enjoy our adventuring.