And then we got locked out of our house. Again.

Can I graduate?

Let’s talk some crazy. There were more Third Eye Blind Graduate lyrics being sung around our house last week than in 1997. Why, you might ask, would my music connoisseur of a husband repeatedly exclaim the song’s undeniably catchy chorus ‘Can I graduate’? Because the Monday before graduation, he was surprisingly told that he might not be able to graduate. A large number of credits were apparently unfulfilled, and this had somehow gone unnoticed for 4 years. To be told you have a year’s worth of credits remaining, when you are supposed to be graduating in 5 days, would naturally lead anyone back to their Third Eye Blind roots.

After days of meetings, pleadings, and dealings, he was told on Friday that he could walk on Saturday- hallelujah! It made us all the more grateful for the exciting occasion.

Since Alex and Chris were both graduating, and with the same degree, the day was like killing two birds with one stone. The day started at 9 am, with the tradition of the graduates taking a triumphant march across campus. Then there was a commencement speaker, but we opted to go to breakfast at Herms instead. Judging by my Juevos Rancheros, it was the better decision.

With full bellies and a burette in Al's hair, we headed to the graduation ceremony held in the Spectrum. There were a few motivational words said, a 98 year old woman received her degree- if that doesn't make you feel like you have a lack luster ambition for learning, I don't know what will- and then Al walked the walk, shook hands, got his diploma (holder), and graduated (+ a few summer classes but we'll disregard those for the time being)!

We celebrated with some famous Aggie Ice cream, a long nap, and dinner at Elements (my former place of employment I might add). We even had the same server that served Kaitlyn and I on our graduation day (one whole year ago) - talk about tradition.

After some exquisite Kamakaze Salmon (highly recommended), we rushed off to see The Avengers (also highly recommended) which was pretty spectacular.

I was so proud of my Graduate that I even got him a little present.. a pair of grey Nudie Khaki's that he's been begging for (I think this brings the Nudie Jean count in our household up to about 7). 

There were some high quality photos taken by Al's dad, and a few from my mediocre camera, but in the meantime here are a few my phone caught throughout the day.