Moving on up, to the East Side.. to a deluxe apartment in the sky..

Well, it’s not really in the sky unless you count being on the second floor. But it is on the Upper East Side in a beautiful neighborhood with restaurants, shopping, parks, and lots of dogs. Speaking of dogs, our place is also dog friendly! Even though we can barely afford peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right now (security deposit + first month’s rent + brokers fee = we might as well not even have a bank account because there’s nothing in it anymore) we love having a place we can finally call our own! We have given the phrase 'living out of a suitcase' a more literal meaning.. we like to call it- the sofacase:

We bid farewell to The Pod Hotel, and Alex managed to move all of our luggage to our new place by himself while I was at work- a true accomplishment. Our apartment is in an old pre-war building on 73rd street- it has big windows, wood floors, and even a dishwasher- we can’t wait until we have actual dishes to wash. We don’t have a doorman, but we do have the next best thing: a buzzer to ‘buzz’ people in. We also have a wonderful blow up mattress which serves as our bed, dining room table, and sofa. We did have to make the trek to Target up in Harlem the night we moved in for the basics- shower curtain, bath mats, hangers, and then to the grocery store (we went to 5 before finding one with decent prices- $8 for peanut butter? Let's get real New York.), and then to Washington Heights for our air mattress- needless to say we were exhausted when we finally got home at 2 am.

But, there truly is no better feeling than laying your head down at night under your own (rented) roof, even if it is on an air mattress with a box as your nightstand.