Well it's about time, summer.

Is it seriously already the weekend? This week flew right on by, and luckily summer decided to show up. I think it’s safe to say that not many weekends could top last weekend- Alex spent Friday riding roller coasters, and then we met up with friends in Salt Lake for Zupa’s (as far as we’re concerned it’s the Ruth’s Chris of chain restaurants for soup & salad) and then one of the best movies we’ve seen in some time minus one slightly awkward scene- Moonrise Kingdom. It was showing at the Broadway theater downtown since it’s ‘too indie’ for the mainstream Super 8 here in Logan, and at one point the people watching was at the same caliber as the movie- which is just how we like it.

Since Alex is still finishing up some online classes, he was stuck writing a paper while I went boating with some of our friends on Saturday- it sort of evened the score of things since he spent the previous day at Lagoon while I put in the 9-5. I had heard rumor that growing a third eye becomes a possibility if you dare get in the bacteria infested sludge water at Benson Lake, where we went. However, considering that I merely added extra weight to the boat and waved the orange flag a time or two, I have seen no adverse side effects as of yet.

The best part might have been that I was wearing my mother-in-law’s swimsuit (that she graciously lent me, I might add).



Our coffee table has been topped with bulldog books for months now. Alex is on the hunt for the perfect bulldog to join our family, but living in Logan Utah puts us out of proximity from most of the breeders we’re interested in, as well as basically anything you can think of that you would like to be in proximity of. This always makes it that much better when we (Alex) find bulldogs within reach- or in our case a negotiable 3 hour drive or less. This was exactly what happened a few weeks ago, but as an added bonus the puppies were very affordable, leaving us (Alex) contemplating excuses we could give our landlord as to why we were about to have a bulldog in our ‘No Dogs Allowed’ house. We dragged Dallin along and made the drive down to Clearfield, Utah, where we instantly fell in love. It’s amazing how puppies can void you (Alex) of rational thinking and good decision making, which is almost what happened to us. Sadly, we didn’t think the puppies could be papered due to their dad being a rescue, and if we are going to put our first child’s college tuition money on the line it has to be the right dog. We still had the time of our lives holding and playing with the little wrinkled pups, and it made us all that more excited for when we find the right one.

So for now, the Ikea bulldog that Alex wouldn't leave the store without, will have to do.


Food for thought.

The other day, there was a plate of freshly baked cookies on my in-laws counter just sitting there, untouched. They were big, chunky chocolate chip, chewy looking cookies that I just couldn’t resist. Now, I’d like to preface this with the fact that I’m more of a cake and pie kind of girl, cookies are at the bottom of my sweets totem pole, but that’s how good these looked. I had to have them. I placed three on a plate and warmed them to the perfect temperature- firm enough to dunk but soft enough to melt in your mouth. I poured myself a mug of cold milk, and gloated in the fact that I would be the first to indulge in these chocolaty delights.

I grabbed my first cookie. I dunked. I stuffed the whole thing in my mouth at once. And then- I realized.

Those were not gooey, chocolaty chips smattered about my delicious cookies, they were RAISINS.

I wanted to throw these deceivingly inedible morsels in the garbage. But these were not my cookies, nor was I eating them at my counter, leaving me to abide by the etiquette of eating at someone else’s house. I choked down the remaining two raisin infested cookies, which no longer deserved the sacred name of cookie. Baked raisin dough balls seemed a more appropriate title. Dehydrated grapes do not belong on anything besides an overheated, under watered vineyard fence.

Then I realized something impossible.

These weren’t that bad. They were actually kind of.. good.

I was surprised that my taste buds were no longer rejecting the shriveled little monsters. I took a few moments to appreciate that miracle. Eventually, I dug through the pantry until I found the holy grail of all things sweet- a bag of straight chocolate chips, and I helped myself to 3 handfuls a few.  

Now, it’s not that I don’t like the raisins themselves. I actually quite enjoy the little raisin filled boxes typically paired with a  juice box from my childhood. I just wasn’t expecting them, I was expecting chocolate chips. It was then that my brain created a slightly farfetched metaphor, but a metaphor none the less. I started to think of all the things I’m striving for right now, all of the things I think I want and need, or in food metaphor talk- the chocolate chips of life. But, I somehow keep getting raisins. It’s not that the raisins aren’t good, they just aren’t what I’m expecting, or what I think I want. It always takes a while, but then I realize that the raisins of life really aren’t that bad, if fact, they turn out to be really pretty good. And in reality, they are probably better for me. I just need to learn to appreciate the raisins, and once the chocolate chips come, they are that much sweeter.      

I’ve been trying to be grateful for all of those raisins in my life, and it’s really not as hard as I thought. I still pray for chocolate chips to come pouring into my life (both literally and metaphorically speaking) but now, by having and appreciating the raisins first, they are that much better. Hopefully my food metaphors will also get better, but until then- i'll start enjoying those raisins.  


The weekend is here!

It always seems to come so fast, yet so slow at the same time. But, it's finally here, and I'll be spending it with my love.

(Photos taken by Bodie before we were married.)

El mejor viaje de mi vida.

We brought a disposable camera on our honeymoon (disclaimer** although I wish this was an original idea by yours truly, it was borrowed. Thanks to those of you who introduced the idea to us!) and it provided us with some great pictures to look forward to when we got home. I sure love looking at these, they fill me with so much happiness.



Having returned from our wonderful honeymoon adventure to Mexico, I have a new perspective on the term 'cruise people.' In order to continually remember our amazing vacation, I have taken it upon myself to review our trip from my first time cruiser's perspective.

To any and all women whose husband and/or significant other has fallen victim to the enticements of mobile technology, specifically the makings of one Mr. Jobs (may he rest in peace), for you my dear fellow women I have the answer: go on a cruise. Or a honeymoon. Or both, because we did. And for 8 glorious days, I had the complete and undivided love and attention of my husband. It was incredible.

We arrived at the Long Beach 'airport'- I like to think of it as a trailer with an outdoor baggage claim- when we realized we didn't have a way to the cruise ship. Luckily, a very nice Asian man offered us a ride to the port in his minivan for a cheap price. We gladly accepted. Once we arrived at the port, we glided through a myriad of long lines onto our ship, the Splendor. We were greeted with multiple lunch buffets, and after indulging at the burger bar we navigated our way to our closet sized sleeping area room. Even though we didn't spring for a room with a balcony, window, or soundproof walls, I was quite pleased with our King size bed, until we realized it was two beds pushed together. That's when we realized it was probably time to go eat more food.

When you put a few thousand technology dependant vacationers together on a large boat, the unlimited room service, mini-golf, and pool access easily distracts for the first little while. However, about half way through the ‘Fun day at sea,’ people start to become jaded by the ship's many amenities, and begin to acknowledge that face-to-face social interaction may indeed become a possibility. A whirlwind of social chaos starts to arise, and before you know it you can no longer stand in the buffet lines between 9 a.m. and noon because sobriety minus technology produces awkward forced conversation. Luckily, Alex and I realized this early on, and engaged in non-stop conversations and/or public affection, both of which seemed to deter the looming conversationalists.

Before our first dinner night in the dining room, we started to wonder who we would be sharing a dinner table with. As dinner arrived we were pleasantly surprised to be seated at a table with an ocean view, a waitress named ChaCha, and three other young, honeymooning couples who delighted in people watching as much as we did. It made for some fabulous dinner conversation, a good laugh or two, and a few new friendships.

Now, there are two dinner nights on the cruise that are "formal" nights. I was unaware that a simple skirt and heels would classify me as "dressed down." Just imagine that you are at prom and you forgot your dress and then- yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Good thing feeling self conscious on a cruise ship is next to impossible. I can't complain about my date though, he looked so dapper as always. 

After dinner, as our stomachs bulged from multiple appetizers, entrees, and desserts, we would typically attempt to go see a show. I say attempt due to the quality of entertainment presented at these shows, however, the American Idol-esk auditions we watched were pretty incredible. Debbie- if you ever read this, you stole the show.

The following days consisted of similar schedules: sleep, eat, movie, sleep, eat, lay outside slathered in SPF 50 due to a wrinkle conscious husband, shower, eat, sleep. It was perfect.

Then the port days came- woo hoo! 

Cabo was similar to walking into a car dealership with 5 cars, and 200 salesmen. After an hour of entertaining many adventurous prospects, we finally decided on a glass bottom boat salesman to take us to Lover's beach and then forget to pick us up. Luckily, Lover's beach had us so mesmerized by its silky soft sand and beautiful scenery that we weren't even mad. We traveled around the town via walking and bicycle taxi, which took us to the ritzy part of Mexico where we paid homage to Van Halen by eating at Cabo Wabo. It was undoubtedly the most delicious and expensive coconut shrimp I will ever eat. We zip lined through the rainforest in Puerto Vallarta, and played with a dancing parrot while feeding him possibly fatal small amounts of chocolate. We spent two fantastic Spanish filled days in Cabo, one in Puerto Vallarta, and loved it all. 

Our trip was over before we knew it. As we arrived back in Salt Lake City, semi-tan but wrinkle free, we were greeted with a graduation party for Alex. We were able to tell our story about 497 times which, as everyone knows, telling the story of your vacation is just like re-living it all over again. It was wonderful. 

We loved our honeymoon, and we love each other. It's just as simple as that! I'm already thinking of planning a second one..


Glitter Fins.

I would like to provide you with a (slightly overdue) detailed timeline to paint a picture of last month, I believe it was a Monday.

Morning: I fooled myself into thinking love was more important that dollar signs and ordered Alex’s graduation present- the overpriced special Nudie khaki pants he wanted.

Early-afternoon: To add to the surprise, and create an elusive alibi for any and all evidence he would see on our bank statement (whoever created joint bank accounts surely hadn't thought through holidays and/or special occasions), I told him Kaitlyn was getting Chris the pants he already had 5 pairs of wanted, and that we couldn’t afford anything for graduation (which in reality was pretty accurate). If there is one surefire way to make a twin envious, jealous, and mope like disappointed kid on Christmas, just tell them their twin is getting exactly what they want. And that they can’t get it. It worked like a charm.

Mid-afternoon: The pants shipped from Europe. I patted myself on the back for a surprise well planned.

Late-afternoon: Alex told me he couldn’t graduate. I couldn’t cancel the pants.

5 pm: I came home from work. WaterDog was dead. My grief and despair led me to facebook, where I shamelessly declared the loss of our beloved fish.

7 pm: The doorbell rang. I rushed down our never ending stairs and was greeted by my father-in-law and Dallin with new fish in hand: Glitter Fins! Thank you social media, you have yet to let me down. Our future may have still been in jeopardy at that moment (luckily the future panned out in our favor), but at least all hope was not lost in the pet department.

Meet Glitter Fins, she may be a replacement of the fish we wish we still had, but we love her almost the same.