Hunger Gaming.

Typically, if I see Alex sneaking away to the living room it means one thing- gaming. On most days I want to throw the x-box out the window, but due to its Netflix capabilities, its one and only redeeming quality, I never do. However, this week I found Alex doing a different kind of gaming: some Hunger Gaming. Last weekend on our trip he started the book on tape, and when we got home- he had Katniss fever. 

So tonight we're migrating south with Chris and Kaitlyn and our pre-bought tickets for all of the action and adventure packed into a movie, the Hunger Games movie, and we are possibly more excited than a freshly costumed child on Halloween.   


  1. Ha ha that's exactly how I feel about gaming too! Ha. So funny. And yes, Netflix- the only redeeming quality for sure.

  2. Gaming never should have advanced past Mario Cart.


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