The birthday was overall, a complete success. After days of party planning, present wrapping, and secret keeping- I couldn't sleep. So I woke Alex at 6:30 a.m. and gave him his presents. The first- a 7 year old's dream: a Batman bag, complete with mask and handmade Batman shirt, for their surprise Batman party. Second, the new iPad, complete with case. I'm not entirely sure which he loved more, he's pleaded for both over the past few months. Regardless, he was over-the-moon excited, so I patted myself on the back for a job well done. I proceeded to drag him away from his presents and we departed for breakfast. We had frenchtoast with Chris and Kaitlyn at Kneaders, the best option for a Thursday morning in Logan, dinner at Elements with their family, and then even more present opening. You better believe we sported our homemade, matching shirts to dinner.

And then finally, the Batman par-tay commenced. Complete with homemade Batman icecream cake. We delivered the invites- I'm still trying to get over their adorableness- and just hoped people would show up. Luckily, we had the best turn-out imaginable. We also have the best friends imaginable. I mean really, we do. We spent the night enjoying S'mores, homemade Joker oreos, and our husbands saving the world via our front porch. Pure birthday greatness. 

The birthday festivites will continue as we head to Salt Lake with Chris, Kaitlyn, Jess and Paul to see the new Batman movie tonight. Happy birthday Alex, here's to saving the world for another year!  

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