And what I did do..

Three years ago to the date, we had just emerged from an 18 hour flight to Rome, and were caught in a hurricane force rain storm outside of the Colosseum. Three years later, our adventures consist of an iPhone and a fan. That’s life for you.

Friday was quite the reunion- Ashlee has been working in New York, and now is home for a short time before she moves out to Chicago for a new job (talk about ambitious..). With her in town, we had to get together before she was off to Oprah’s homeland. So on Friday we met at Zupa’s- no one’s surprised- and then reconvened at Ali’s adorable townhome just outside Salt Lake (a mere 5 minutes from Zupa's- Dream!) where we crammed 5 years of girl talk into 3 hours. I've got to do this more often, before my body goes into Zupa's friend withdrawls.
It was so needed, and so fun to get together with my gals- until next time, I’ll have these pictures to hold me over.

**I've withheld some of the seriously weird stranger photos from the night, for everyone's sake.


  1. can't believe that was three years ago! So much fun.

    1. I KNOW- Kaitlyn and I still talk about those Parisian eclairs almost daily..


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