The kind of thing that never happens, except it did.

How was New York last week you might ask? Well, I hopped on a plane for some vacation (and Shake Shack) time with Alex, and I came back with a job offer and a two week start date- So i'd say my life's expectations have been exceeded x1000.

The trip was great, other than the fact that I missed my initial interview due to a slight date miscalculation on Alex's end for which we won't point any fingers. After arriving at the airport at 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, bags and neck pillow in hand, it was soon realized that our flight acually left Thursday night. There may or may not have been a public tear fest courtesy of yours truly. But the good news is that everything worked out better than expected, aka- I got my dream job. And I still can't believe it. We're moving to New York in two days, we've sold almost everything we own, and we still don't have a place to live- but it's okay. Because so far, everything has been working itself out in miraculous ways, and I have a husband who is supporting my dreams and making the whole process a wonderful one- which in and of itself makes me the luckiest. I will also be about 2,000 miles closer to about 5 Shake Shacks, and that definitely contributes to the lucky factor.


  1. You are so brave and ambitious! The older I get, the more I want to live in a cabin by a river. Cant wait to hear about your adventures in the big city.

    1. Not brave- and so out of my element.. that's how i'm feeling right about now.


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