8 days and 7 nights..

The week before Alex and I got married, we were both gone on business trips. Unfortunately for us, that meant Alex couldn't miss any more work or school, which equaled No Honeymoon. I was continually asked, 'where did you go on your honeymoon?' and when I explained that we never went, I was more often than not greeted with the response, 'You know, after 37 years we've never been on our honeymoon and we turned out just fine.'

'Scuse me.

I've barely been able to make it 7 months, I ain't waitin' 37 years.

Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't demanding anything extravagant, overly luxurious, or worlds away. My stipulation was this: I want a beach and a Pina Colada. I don't care where. That's all I need. Oh, and Alex. I need him too.

I really am pretty easy to please when it comes to these kinds of things (if Alex tries to tell you otherwise, just don't listen). But truthfully, I had come to terms with the fact that we probably wouldn't be able to go for a while, there's really never extra money or any extra time for these ventures when you are newly married and your husband is still in school, and then before you know it you have 5 kids and it really never happens. But guess what folks- it's happening!

We're honeymoonin'!

T-minus 24 days until we are on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for 8 days! I've never been to Cabo, or on a cruise, so my overly imaginative mind is just going crazy. But, Google tells me this is what's in store, and I am over the moon excited:      


  1. Sounds so amazing!!! You'll be the hottest gal on the beach! XO

  2. Just got back from Cabo. Love it!! We have been there several times I could go back tomorrow and be happy. I am excited for you and I have also been on a few cruises. Your going to love!! Scott and I didn't go a honeymoon either, but have taken many trips together later when we could afford it. ENJOY!!

  3. Thanks Barb! I've heard it's a fun and beautiful place and I feel very blessed to be going!!

  4. You are going LOVE it! I've never been, but it's on my bucket list.
    Worth waiting 7 months for!

  5. Oh yes, definitely worth waiting for!


You're the best!