Biggy Ears.

This Easter weekend was pretty wonderful. Thanks to the snowstorm on Friday (why Logan, why?) the high 60 degree weather felt like an Easter miracle. We ventured out to Baby Animal Days on Saturday, where the masses of Cache Valley gather to let their children run rampant in the presence of farm animals. We were lured to this event due to rumors of exotic baby bears, which indeed there were. But what they don't tell you is that the baby bears will be behind a wooden wall, which is confined by a fence, which is off limits behind a rope. You may wait in a hour long line to view the baby bears from a 15 foot distance, while bear workers snuggle, feed, play with, and enjoy what we paid $16 to "see." We tried to make up for our more than disappointing "bear encounter" with some baby ducks and a cow or two, but the herds of rampantly running children overtook the animals quicker than we could get to them, and since we didn't have the energy to fight them off, we left. In an attempt at not wasting the day, we drove to Ogden (a mere 45 minutes away), to indulge in the one thing that makes any day better- the one and only Zupas. It's been rumored that this soup haven will be making its way to the North Pole of Utah (Logan) in the near future, but until then, we will continue to hunt down the nearest location on a weekly regular basis. It really never disappoints, and even if it did, well, it just wouldn't. Zupa's can do no wrong.

Which brings me to Easter Sunday, in all of it's glorious weather and sugar filled joy. Alex recieved Biggy Ears (all of the Biggy Smalls were sold out by then) and I assume if hollow chocolate rabbits could talk this one would rap an Easter jingle. He also recieved Mexican candy galore, and some chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies which I somehow ate all 6 of after church. He was slightly mad.

Alex gave me 2 baskets for easter, Flower Baskets! I've been wanting some flowers to jazz up our balcony, so to say I was thrilled would be an understatement, but I would be lying if I said that the responsibility of keeping both WaterDog and flowers alive wasn't slightly overwhelming. Completely pathetic, I know. Anyhow, Church was wonderful as always, and Easter Dinner at the in-laws was just fantastic. Despite our inability to take a normal, fairly good looking picture together, our first Easter was a success.  

One of these Holidays we're going to get a good picture, I just know it.


  1. Haha, you are hilarious. I want to copy and add graphics to my blog pictures. Brock and I regularly travel 45 minutes to the nearest Cafe Rio. So know you're not the only ones who travel long distances for a decent meal.

  2. Oh, Cafe Rio- the second love of my food life. We should travel long distances for food together sometime..


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