Logan's Heros.

Have you ever thought to yourself, 'You know, I wonder what kind of food establishments they have in Logan, Utah. I wonder if I should just venture around that little town and find a hole-in-the-wall kind of joint and possibly discover the most tantalizingly great food sensation to ever touch my tongue'...


Me either. And I live here.

However, there is one "mom and pop" place I've been meaning to go to my whole 5+ years that I've called this place home. Logan's Hero's, a little Sub and Gyro spot owned by an authentic Greek man who recognizes new faces and lets you sample everything. So what's been keeping me from this ethnically diverse sandwich shop with nowhere to park, limited seating, and no drive-through you might ask? Cash only. Yeah, it's one of those. I realize that to most people this is but a slight hurdle, for us though, having been devout and loyal debit card users for half our lives, tangible cash is a rare commodity. But, we managed to round up a few Benjamin’s and had ourselves a little date night on Main Street. It was just delightful, especially after how this week has been- which is pretty terrible. More to come on that. The highlight of the night? I may have casually mentioned this before, but Alex has banned, strictly forbidden, absolutely refuses any and all picture taking in the presence of food. He graciously made an exception to document his Super Man and my Gyro. And for that, I am eternally grateful.   


  1. I only ate their once and got something totally plain like a turkey sandwich because I'm a new food flavors scare me kind of whimp. But I wish I got that gyro. Remember NYC across from the Rock, best gyros ever. washed down with magnolia, and a song about cupcake best friends.

  2. I'll admit, I've never eaten a better Gyro than on the corner of 57 th and 6th.. (I'm pretty sure that's where...) anyhow, those were the days. I sure miss avoiding eye contact with homeless folks while we ate Magnolias by the fountain.

  3. Courtney! You are so nice. When I was writing this I was actually thinking of that time we rationed all of our food on an overnight train, then found out the train had a restaurant haha.


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