Gold shoes and tacos.

Having been raised on a healthy diet of tater tots and fish sticks, I’m not exactly experienced in the culinary sense. I have tried to improve my domestic abilities, however, that improvement has been slight at best. So you know what I love? When our friends who live downstairs, Joni and Tren, want to make dinner together. Because what this really means is ‘we’ll cook basically everything, we’re just going to cook it at your house because your 2 feet of counter space is more than our 1.5 feet’- this is what we call a win win situation. Especially because of Tren’s secret guacamole recipe. Now, seeing as how I have a husband who lived in Mexico for two years, he is quite the Mexican food connoisseur and is very picky about homemade tacos. And since this is one of the 4 things that I know how to make, it’s a problem. (I know what you’re all thinking, ‘Don’t you have Pinterest? There are thousands of recipes on there to make that are all so quick and easy.’ Why yes, I do have one. I also have 3 crock pots that have never been used. And no, I do not find any recipe easy which is why I continually pin pictures of cakes. If you mess up the cake, at least you can still lick the bowl.) So at taco night, with Joni, Tren, Skyler, and Candice, I was delighted to see him eat 8 of these little beauties. They really were delicious, I think most of the credit goes to the guacamole.

When you get married, a new word becomes forced into your vocabulary, games. Alex has voluntarily played one game with me in all my knowing him, Shopopoly- an exhilarating rendition of Monopoly created by Old Navy. Instead of buying Park Avenue, you buy Cargo Short Lane. I think he may have acquired this gem whilst working at Old Navy after high school, possibly on the day he and Chris were required to dress up as Christmas elves (a story with a Polaroid to go with it). The game is actually pretty entertaining, we were all surprised. Which brings me back to taco night- we refused to waste our night with games, so we did the next best married activity- bowling. I’m truly terrible. I’ve gotten more than one gutter ball with bumpers, I slightly skip as I throw the ball, and I never know what to do on my way back to my chair so I always end up making some sort of awkward “Hoorah!” gesture with my arms. But I love it. And in high school, I found the most perfect pair of gold bowling shoes at the D.I. (don’t worry, they were as good as new, I don’t think they had ever even been owned let alone worn). I have held onto them for years, never using them, until taco night. They got lost for a year or two, but as soon as they were found a few months ago my bowling enthusiasm just about did Alex in. I’ve been patiently waiting for an opportunity to wear them. And this was it. I was so excited I wore them all the way to the bowling alley. And then guess what happened as I strutted down the alley with bowling ball in hand- I realized they weren’t bowling shoes at all. Nope, they were gold Liz Claybornes with a rubber sole. I felt cheated, distraught, and confused. How could I have missed this after years of eyeing them in my car trunk? I really don’t know. All I can say is that if you know of anyone looking for a pair of gold Liz Clayborne bowling shoe knock offs, I’ve got a pair for you.

Despite my inability to recognize a rubber soled shoe, the night was a blast. We went to Logan's highschool hot spot, Charlie’s, for shakes and ice cream after bowling and my chocolate dipped kiddy cone was the size of my left foot- no wonder childhood obesity is a problem. It was quite the waste of ice cream too, considering all I even wanted was the chocolate shell. All in all, taco night was terrific.    


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