Last summer.

Lately, the weather has been just gorgeous. I mean truly perfect- which, combined with a series of inspiring events from the past weekend led to me running. Yes, running. But that is another story entirely. The weather has brought with it not only heat, but bugs. Lots.Of.Bugs. I can honestly say I would rather have an armed intruder in my house than a spider, beetle, or heaven forbid, a bug with wings. But that’s what I have Alex for, right? To rid my presence of anything with more than 4 legs? Wrong. Well, kind of wrong. Even though our hatred and fear of spiders is equivalent, he braves even the most frightening of situations to make our surroundings bug free. And I love him for that.  

You see, I’m pretty convinced this isn’t just a ‘mind over matter’ type of situation, I think my body is genetically designed to reject bugs. To my knowledge, I’m not allergic to anything at all, except bugs. Yes, bugs, and in particular- mosquito’s. Which reminded me of a story from last summer, when I was somehow attacked by a mosquito. On my foot. I wish I could explain this, and perhaps if I delved into Google for a few minutes I could come up with an explanation, but every year my ankles and the tops of my feet are prime candidates for the little blood sucking monsters. Naturally, this happened on the day of my bridal shower. And as I was about to leave work and head to the celebration, I looked down and saw this nightmare:
I was hoping to look presentable for the special occasion, as any bride-to-be would. However, after realizing my foot would not fit into any decent looking shoes, I ended up like this:

Shoeless. It was quite the debacle. Luckily, it was still an incredible night (thanks again to Jess and Kait and my beautiful friends!). And hopefully, despite the bugs, this will be an incredible summer. Here's to hoping there will be no bugs, and no snow in June.

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