Our coffee table has been topped with bulldog books for months now. Alex is on the hunt for the perfect bulldog to join our family, but living in Logan Utah puts us out of proximity from most of the breeders we’re interested in, as well as basically anything you can think of that you would like to be in proximity of. This always makes it that much better when we (Alex) find bulldogs within reach- or in our case a negotiable 3 hour drive or less. This was exactly what happened a few weeks ago, but as an added bonus the puppies were very affordable, leaving us (Alex) contemplating excuses we could give our landlord as to why we were about to have a bulldog in our ‘No Dogs Allowed’ house. We dragged Dallin along and made the drive down to Clearfield, Utah, where we instantly fell in love. It’s amazing how puppies can void you (Alex) of rational thinking and good decision making, which is almost what happened to us. Sadly, we didn’t think the puppies could be papered due to their dad being a rescue, and if we are going to put our first child’s college tuition money on the line it has to be the right dog. We still had the time of our lives holding and playing with the little wrinkled pups, and it made us all that more excited for when we find the right one.

So for now, the Ikea bulldog that Alex wouldn't leave the store without, will have to do.


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