Well it's about time, summer.

Is it seriously already the weekend? This week flew right on by, and luckily summer decided to show up. I think it’s safe to say that not many weekends could top last weekend- Alex spent Friday riding roller coasters, and then we met up with friends in Salt Lake for Zupa’s (as far as we’re concerned it’s the Ruth’s Chris of chain restaurants for soup & salad) and then one of the best movies we’ve seen in some time minus one slightly awkward scene- Moonrise Kingdom. It was showing at the Broadway theater downtown since it’s ‘too indie’ for the mainstream Super 8 here in Logan, and at one point the people watching was at the same caliber as the movie- which is just how we like it.

Since Alex is still finishing up some online classes, he was stuck writing a paper while I went boating with some of our friends on Saturday- it sort of evened the score of things since he spent the previous day at Lagoon while I put in the 9-5. I had heard rumor that growing a third eye becomes a possibility if you dare get in the bacteria infested sludge water at Benson Lake, where we went. However, considering that I merely added extra weight to the boat and waved the orange flag a time or two, I have seen no adverse side effects as of yet.

The best part might have been that I was wearing my mother-in-law’s swimsuit (that she graciously lent me, I might add).

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