Glitter Fins.

I would like to provide you with a (slightly overdue) detailed timeline to paint a picture of last month, I believe it was a Monday.

Morning: I fooled myself into thinking love was more important that dollar signs and ordered Alex’s graduation present- the overpriced special Nudie khaki pants he wanted.

Early-afternoon: To add to the surprise, and create an elusive alibi for any and all evidence he would see on our bank statement (whoever created joint bank accounts surely hadn't thought through holidays and/or special occasions), I told him Kaitlyn was getting Chris the pants he already had 5 pairs of wanted, and that we couldn’t afford anything for graduation (which in reality was pretty accurate). If there is one surefire way to make a twin envious, jealous, and mope like disappointed kid on Christmas, just tell them their twin is getting exactly what they want. And that they can’t get it. It worked like a charm.

Mid-afternoon: The pants shipped from Europe. I patted myself on the back for a surprise well planned.

Late-afternoon: Alex told me he couldn’t graduate. I couldn’t cancel the pants.

5 pm: I came home from work. WaterDog was dead. My grief and despair led me to facebook, where I shamelessly declared the loss of our beloved fish.

7 pm: The doorbell rang. I rushed down our never ending stairs and was greeted by my father-in-law and Dallin with new fish in hand: Glitter Fins! Thank you social media, you have yet to let me down. Our future may have still been in jeopardy at that moment (luckily the future panned out in our favor), but at least all hope was not lost in the pet department.

Meet Glitter Fins, she may be a replacement of the fish we wish we still had, but we love her almost the same.


  1. For some reason I bought Brock some fish for his birthday while we were dating and I'm pretty sure they lasted no more than a weekend. So you're doing well in the fish department. Remember when someone thought Water Dog was actually a dog? Hahahaha

    1. Hahaha let's be honest, anyone could easily mistake it as an actual dog. I think it's probably the coloring.

  2. so funny!!!
    and what is WITH those nudie jeans? I have to admit, I don't get the allure....

    1. Never get a fish- you get nothing in return except a dirty fish house that you have to clean too often!

      As for the Nudies.. at least he looks good in them haha.


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