An Olympic weekend

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On Friday, we had a 6 hour Olympics party with friends where we watched the opening ceremonies and grilled Ribeye steaks, ate fruit pizza, and added about ten countries to our vocabulary. 5th grade geopgraphy was clearly a failure.

On Saturday, we drove to Holladay to help Chris and Kaitlyn move into their new apartment- we don't really know how we're going to cope with them being gone.

On Sunday, we said half of a goodbye to most of the jokingly coined 'Best Friends Club.' We owe most of these friendships to Chris and Kaitlyn for sharing their friends and giving us a jump start into the world of being married almost a year ago. The 'club', which truly was open to all, would get together to relish in all sorts of conversation, food parties, and fun. And now, almost all of them are moving across the country to pursue law school, and dental school, and overly ambitious things that we think they would be just fine to go without and stay here with us. Luckily, we're getting together one last time before we have to say our real goodbyes..

We are currently accepting applications for new friends.


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