Productivity at its finest

I think today will be the day that I take down the Christmas wreath that has been hanging on our front door for 80% of our marriage (you're welcome, neighbors). While I’m at it, I’ll probably hang the clock that has been sitting on the floor of our entryway, and maybe I’ll even shove all of our laundry into some bins and hide them in the closet. I’m not sure where this attitude of productivity has been, but it’s about time it made an appearance.

I did however, manage to finish this rug that overtook our office for weeks on end, leaving no room for the laundry that was formerly in its place. I would consider that quite the accomplishment seeing as how I lost all motivation about ten minutes into it, again. I suppose all of my industrious efforts are due to the fact that I don’t know how much longer we will be here in our historic little house- 30 days or 30 years (heaven help us all if we are still tenants of apartment #3 at that point in time). It might also be due to the fact that our friend and photographer will be coming over tomorrow to snap a few photos of our abode, so that we will always have a photographic keepsake of the time we lived in that old green house on Center Street. Despite the mid-day temperatures which reach upwards of 120 degrees turning our residence into a historic oven, and our faucets that turn backwards, and even the 1.7 feet of counter space that we’ve crowded with our toaster- I want to remember it all. So in the meantime, I’ll be shoving bins into closets and scrubbing our tub, so that our memories will be captured in their best and cleanest state.

And if that fails, I’ve always got Photoshop.


  1. Photoshop fixes everything. I bet your house is so cute, you have excellent style.

    1. Well that is a huge complimenet coming from someone with an awesome Zerbra print bedroom..


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