Grandma's House.

My trip to Arizona was the best, in every sense of the word. But then again, Grandma's house is always the best! Especially when your Grandma has every self serving gadget known to man. Some examples: a gadget that sweeps and mops her floor with minimal adult supervision, a capsule on her counter that vacuum seals all her bread for softness and longevity, as well as every slicer, dicer, and splicer you could imagine. And don't forget her bicycle and movie collection- yes folks, just about every movie ever made (that's worth seeing, that is). There are years of entertainment in Grandma's spare bedroom alone.

Living in Utah, away from all of our extended family, really makes you appreciate being able to get together and spend time with each other. I sure had missed it. 

I expected Tucson to be hotter than a flaming habanero pepper, but instead I was greeted with monsoon season, and 29 mosquito bites. It really is something to watch the streets of Arizona overflow with water- and then drive 20 miles in it to Uncle Bunk's house. Luckily, I was raised by a Tucson native, and the river-run streets didn't even phase him. 

The 4th of July was spent celebrating the love of our country by eating a feast fit for a small army. And of course- Aunt Kelly's baked beans- which are heart stopping, in more ways than one. We watched the fireworks extravaganza from the shore of a river bed behind Uncle Bunk's house, and then came back and ate some more. It was perfect.

I couldn't even tell you what we did the rest of the week, because I was too busy enjoying all the family time I was getting. But it was fantastic, I'll tell you that. 

Until next year!

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