Truth be told..

Today I woke up, and I was excited. I was excited to eat my leftover pizza from dinner with friends last night. I was excited that our sink is overflowing with pots and pans, and that it’s Alex’s turn for dishes. I was excited that I have half a sheet of better-than-sex cake in my fridge. I was excited that I showered last night, and that I wouldn’t have to shower again until tomorrow could sleep in. And most of all, I was excited because there were 10,000 project ideas swimming around in my semi-conscious brain that I wanted to do for our house, most of which probably involved leopard print. I’ve had a skip in my step since 8 a.m. and for no extraordinary reason, but it’s done my heart good to think that all these little things have got me so excited. Maybe this means that some real excitement is just around the corner- fingers crossed that it involves something that barks- but for now, I’m going to drag Alex to Michaels and force him to be excited about my soon to emerge house projects.

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