Happy birthday!

One year ago today- Alex gave me a ring. On his birthday, of all days. And at Disneyland, of all places. Why someone would give themselves a birthday present of a moody, semi-irrational future wife is beyond me, but I am so glad that he did!

I didn't quite know how to top last year's gift, so I took a little inspiration from Mr. Jobs and it definitely did the trick! I'll be vigorously documenting today's events- Kaitlyn and I have spent all week preparing for the night's events and seeing as how the Universe seems to find humor in ruining such things, I'm hoping it will go flawlessly.

I'm the luckiest to spend today with my 25 year old dreamboat- happy birthday to my handsom husband! I hope today makes the quarter-of-a-century mark a good one. 

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