Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad started its fifth season on Sunday, and  Alex and I just about fell off the couch out of excitement. We’re those people who entered the ‘Win a walk on role’ competition about 10,000 times. We feel that we won in spirit. Alex has also tried to create a multitude of baby name variations using Walt or Jesse, but that’s about where I drew the line.

If you aren’t big on Chemistry teachers making narcotics to provide for their family once a sudden illness strikes mixed with occasional humorous profanities, then I would say steer clear. But, apparently we’re into that kinda thing. We breezed through seasons one through four in the month of October alone, so this long awaited fifth season has tried our patience- but it’s going to be worth it. We’re sure of it. And if you want to join, we’ll be at Alex’s parents house every Sunday night, glued to the T.V. from 8 pm until 9 Mountain standard time. All hail Breaking Bad!  

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