A simple striped rug.

I thought I should get craft on Saturday- it should have stayed a thought.

I was under many false, amateur impressions. I thought, "how long could it take to paint a few stripes on a rug?" As well as, "one tube of acrylic paint will be more that sufficient" along with "when Alex comes home I'm sure he'll want to help".

Lesson learned, craft world.

After an hour and a half of taping, and two trips back to Michaels- I gave up. The rug is still sitting on the floor of our laundry strewn office and I have no desire to rekindle the crafting flame.

I can only hope to muster up the energy needed to paint the remaining 60 stripes by hand. And seeing as how I'm going to need about 3 more tubes of paint, I will have to take it day by day (this is mostly due to the fact that Michaels only accepts one 40% off coupon per day) and by some miracle I hope to eventually relish in a new striped rug for our bedroom. 

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