281 West Center Street

A few weeks ago (before we knew that we would be moving), I asked our friend and photographer Sami to come and capture a few photos of our little green house on Center Street in Logan. If I had the time or the skills, I would devote an entire scrap book to our home entitled, "Our First Place" but I figured I had better leave the capturing of memories to a professional.. no one wants to remember our giant laundry pile which overtook our guest room for almost a year, or our sink which practically shouted, "No, there is no dishwasher here be it mechanical or human."

We have had so many memories from our upstairs apartment in this quirky old historical house- from our shower with two doors, to our faucet knobs that turned backwards, and especially the secret rooms with hidden doors- we sure miss it all a whole lot.   
I'm so glad that we will always have these photos to look back on, and remember how much we loved this little green house. But for now, we're on to create more memories in our new NYC apartment, and even though the closet won't be able to hide our laundry piles, we're still excited to make our overpriced shoebox whose rent in any other city could pay a mortgage and support 3 kids soon to be apartment a home!


  1. i love this so much! what a great way to save your memories! i'll have to remember to do this for our future homes! we miss you guys so much...we're so bored! hope you are having a blast, hang in there alex :) try not to get pooped on anymore. thanks for blogging!!

    1. We miss you guys too!! We're excited to see pictures of your new house- i'm sure you can't wait!


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