When you’ve got two weeks exactly from the day you’re hired to the day you start your job, it leaves little time to mourn over selling everything you own. The only exception was Lil’ Red, my best friend in car form who’s safely gotten me through many a snow storm in Sardine canyon- I was still writing the KSL car ad when I got a call on her, and the next day she was gone. I bought Lil’ Red in 2005- she saw me through high school, college, marriage, and a plethora of awkward phases in between. That car was a 4-door box of memories.

And then, an hour after Lil’ Red’s new owners drove her away- the check engine light came on.

Of course it did.

After visiting the mechanic they had a hefty bill to pay, after that I realized that I gave them extra tires to Alex’s old Audi instead of snow tires, then the bill of sale I gave to them had issues, then the title was mailed to the wrong address and never made it to their house. Everything that could go wrong, did. And in the meantime, we were working full time and trying to plan our move and move out of our house. It was crazy, and by crazy I mean completely insane, but in the end I learned a great lesson in kindness, and patience, and couldn’t have sold my car to greater people.

Speaking of moving, we couldn’t have done it without all of the help from our family and friends- lifesavers! They were there until all hours of the night cleaning, packing, lifting, loading and moving boxes.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have the best friends and family anyone could ask for. And even though saying goodbye wasn't easy, we'll still see them on holidays, and via unflattering angles on Skype. 


  1. I am sorry you are gone, but I am not sorry that i got to buy your awesome grey chair.

    1. That was and is the best chair, I'm just glad it went to a good home :)


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