The day my Thanksgiving sweater emerged..

What's that? Thanksgiving was 4 months ago? Yes. I know. I'm extremely behind the times, but if you had inherited a sweater as festive as the one my mom gave me to celebrate giving thanks, I think you would rather share it later rather than never as well.

Besides that, I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. As Thanksgiving Day came, I found myself feeling more than thankful. I was feeling thankful for the experiences of the past few months more than anything. I was also thankful to have Alex's family (sadly minus Chris and Kait) cram into our apartment for 5 days, thankful for Laura and Bryce for creating a traditional Turkey feast for all of us (and for the giant dining room table we were all able to sit at in the Chelsea loft where they were staying), and thankful to catch the tail end of the Macey's Thanksgivng Day Parade. Heaven knows I couldn't have fought the crowds longer than the 4 minutes we were there.

We spent the week as tour guides, and as payment Alex's family treated us to all our favorite eats, shows, shopping, and entertainment hot spots. Since we're still working on our documentation skills, Alex's dad managed to get a few photos here and there (including but not limited to the most unflattering yet hilarious photo of us on the Meri-Go-Round).. 

We are so thankful for all the memories that came from these wonderful visitors, but we are not thankful that between all five of us we gained about 500 pounds. All in all we can't wait until they come to visit again. Maybe next time we'll have real furniture for them to eat, sit, and sleep on. Enticing, I know.

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