Christmas at home.

The Holidays came before we even had time to realize it. The only problem was, our pockets were a little short changed, and making it home was starting to look less likely every day. So, we did what we like to think any normal, desperate, home deprived couple would do-- we signed up for a shady online credit card deal to get two free round trip flights. Surprisingly enough, it worked like a charm. We had to play around with some odd departure dates and inconvenient times, but we decided there's really no inconvenient time to head home and see friends and family (there may be an argument for 4am, but Alex would be the one to talk to about that). 

I think we really needed a little fresh air to boost our spirits. Everyone does, right? That's the best part about home, the fact that even though your life may have completely changed, home is always the exact same (Cue: Ryan Reynolds in the movie Just Friends.) And we welcomed the hominess with open arms. We tried to cram as many people, presents (including one of my favorites- a hanging terrarium!), and parties into a week and a half as we could, and we left bursting at the seams from all of them. We did all the other traditional "at home" activities as well, such as driving through the neighborhood at precariously slow speeds with my family in my dad's beloved LeSabre and forcing Alex to join in building horribly frosted ginger bread houses. 

It was awesome. Our families are the best. And I can't wait for next year, to do it all over again.

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