"Winter" in New York

When I imagined what our winter would behold, I didn't picture twinkling light wrapped trees lining cobblestone streets, or frozen rinks throughout Central Park dotted with skaters getting their triple lutz on, or entire buildings sparkling from top to bottom to window displays (I forbid myself from looking up while walking by any J Crew and/or Anthropologie store during the months of November to January due to my inability to resist the mesmerizing displays which without fail led me to become a statistic of consumerism)

I imagined a humid kind of cold that would seep beneath my unflattering giant down coat, ear muffs, and layers of scarves which I wore daily as I stood next to Penfield and Burberry clad commuters who had apparently decided that tights and pants were equal in the warmth department. But, anyone who has been to Logan, Utah at 7:30 am in January knows the real definition of cold. You can't quite describe the feeling of wind so cold that the tears streaming down your windblown face freeze your eyelids shut, and your lungs refuse to accept the -17 degree air you are trying to breathe in.

Now, don't get me wrong, it was still cold. And it was still winter. But it was the best kind of winter I could have hoped for. As someone who was never destined for snow sport greatness, the two overly hyped 'snow storms' we got here in Manhattan were just the right amount. We've spent a lot of time inside, eating, and enjoying friends craftiness and winter decor (if you can't be crafty, have crafty friends- isn't that the motto?) as well as mastering the Ghost game on Estee and Jeremy's Wii U. I did manage to make a real wreath, and the pine needles have yet to fall all over my floor so I figured, why take down my only decoration? Once my down coat gets put away, my wreath will get thrown away, and Spring will be on it's way- so much to look forward to! But really, this winter has been great (besides the lack of snow and freezing temperatures) and we've got a list of 'how to entertain yourself without a TV, internet, or resorting to games' about a mile long.

Come on Spring, you're so close. Just get here already! We can't handle losing to Alex in the ghost game any longer.


  1. the last line of this post.


  2. That first photo of the ice rink?! Amazing. I think spring is right around the corner, can't wait!

    1. Thanks Lauren, I sure hope it is! Can't wait either!


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