Our Weekend Trip: Part Two

My taste buds don't fully know how to express what they experienced during our weekend getaway. The freshest assortment of lobster rolls, crab cakes, and handmade pastries that a town could offer. Boston really knocked it out of the park when it came to the food (reference the picture below) and we didn't leave our stomachs hungry for one minute. If I had to rate my favorite thing about our trip, this would be it. I like to think the amount of walking we did in those 48 hours balanced out our caloric intake, but who am I kidding. When we weren't eating or touring, we were taking advantage of every photo-op that came our way or buying dollar accessories for our phones.

The Freedom Trail conveniently merged into Little Italy, that or our tour guides took us on a detour. Either way, it was just where we wanted to be. We went to about five different pizza places before eventually deciding on Regina's. And after our server misinterpreted our order, we ended up with two extra large pizzas and a bunch of root beer. We left just enough room for cannoli's from Mike's after we were told they would be worth it, but we weren't prepared for what we were about to partake of. Unbelievable I tell you. These canoli's alone made the Chinatown Bus worth it. Alex may or may not have also ordered three different tiramisu's, just to find the best. I'm not sure he was ever able to decide.

We'll be seeing you again soon, Boston. Thanks for the good times, good eats, and great memories.


  1. okay, just stop it. you are so good at documenting this stuff...my mouth is watering!

    1. So is mine.. as soon as Mike's website is up we are ordering some no matter what the cost!


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