I know you weren't prepared for this slew of belated Holiday posts, but as someone who can barely remember the events of yesterday let alone last year's Holidays I felt it was necessary for me to record as much as I could remember with as many accompanying photos as I could find, just in case I get around to "making that photo book each new year." There it is, in writing. It will happen now.

We counted down the new year with some of Salt Lake City's finest (and our favorite people + Calvin) who we also happen to be related to.

It involved a lot of pizza, inside jokes, and some sort of frozen coconut cake concoction I insisted on buying and then ended up eating myself. The night was spent catching up and thinking about the past year full of more changes than we could have imagined would come. It also included the first self-timer success of the year- plus full cooperation from Calvin, success! The night was a great start to the new year, and hopefully 2013 will bring fame, fortune, and a bulldog for Alex. Just kidding (about the fame.. but I mean if it happens, it happens, right? Okay but seriously, I'm kidding. And this joke inside these parenthesis is over). Here's to 2013!

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